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Frequently asked questions

No plastic cutlery?

Great desserts should not cost the Earth!!Little Dessert Shop are changing to tackle plastic pollution.If you require plastic cutlery please let the store know when ordering.

How do I apply for a job vacancy at Little Dessert Shop?

There are two ways to apply by handing or emailing your CV to the store directly. Or you can apply online using the Careers page. If you are successful, our recruitment team will contact you.

How to make a booking at my local Little Dessert Shop?

Bookings are only made for 4 or more people for weekdays (Mondays-Thursdays), this is done directly with the store or Online.

Does Little Dessert Shop contribute to charity or fundraising events?

The team at the Little Dessert Shop already supports a chosen charity, so we are unable to support events or any other charity. We wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts.

Do any of the products contain alcohol?

Our creations do not contain alcohol.

How do I find out more information on the Little Dessert Shop franchise?

We are searching for those who share the same passion for an experience like no other – a Little Dessert Shop franchise. We are dedicated to staying on top…and keeping you there too. Franchisees will benefit from our proven systems to assist you in all aspects of running the store, our strong social media presence, continual brand innovation & our creative marketing.

We are passionate about our brand & innovation to stay ahead of our competitors. Experience success, indulge in heavenly creations & share our vision. Visit the Franchise section for more information.

Where can I order a cake for a special occasion from Little Dessert Shop?

Special occasion cakes such as birthdays and engagements are not available online, but selected Little Dessert Shop stores do carry cakes in stock, please use the Store locator on this website to find a store near you. To confirm availability, call beforehand and allow 48 hours of lead time to avoid disappointment.

How can I find out more about the seasonal menu and limited edition creations?

Regularly check our social media platforms for latest creations and limited edition menus, it is also available on the News section of this website.

Can Little Dessert Shop products be refrozen after they have thawed?

No, this is because we make Little Dessert Shop products in the most natural way possible, our products should not be refrozen after being thawed. Refreezing can create large ice crystals and cause grain textures and diminish quality.

What is the best temperature to store Little Dessert Shop products?

Our frozen products are recommended to be store at home, unopened at -18 degrees C in the freezer. However when serving, allow ice cream to soften at room temperature for approx. 10 minutes. This may vary depending on the room temperature.

Other products should be refrigerated when stored, however speak to your local store for more information

How do I find out information regarding allergies?

Our stores do serve gluten free cakes. Some of the ice creams, Mocktails and smoothies have no gluten containing ingredients. Allergen information is available in store.

Does Little Dessert Shop deliver?

Certain store locations cater for delivery. However you can order for collection or delivery from our website at by selecting “Online Ordering.”

Or you can eat in, or order in store for takeaway.