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5 Summer Must Have Treats

POSTED ON: 26th June 2019


Summer is here, hard to believe with the rain we have been having for what feels like the past month and a half! This time last year we were celebrating in glorious sunshine England hadn’t seen in years. Beer gardens were open and every person seemed to outside soaking it up with a milkshake or ice cream cone in hand. It doesn’t at the moment feel like we will ever see the sun again but as the English weather is as unpredictable as some of our public transport services we wanted to be prepared for when the sun shines again. 


Here are 5 of our favourite treats to enjoy this summer from the Little Dessert Shop:



  • Yes I Am Vegan 


Ice cold, tangy and vegan-friendly! Being Vegan is possibly one of the biggest food revolutions, I don’t want to say trend as it is more than that. More than 5% of our population are now Vegan and that number continues to grow year on year, month on month and we have the perfect treat for any vegan or just someone that simply wants something cool and sweet!

A mix of fresh ripe fruit garnished with raspberry & strawberry sauce set on a seasonal sorbet base. Our Yes I Am Vegan is a delight! 


  1. Unicorn Gelato and Cone 

We understand getting that Instagrammable moment is almost as important as the product itself these days and that’s why we always try to make our food and tasty as it is to eat as it is to look at. 

Our Unicorn gelato paired with our new rainbow cones is exactly this. It is brightly coloured and full of flavour, it begs for a photo but also is cool and refreshing on those summer days. Who doesn’t love Unicorns?! 

  1. Combo Shake

Not to brag but our shakes are pretty epic. We not only do the classic strawberry or chocolate but we introduced combo shakes! 

The Combo Shakes are two blended signature flavours into one. Ever wondered what Mint Oreos taste like? Well our ‘Oh So Minty’ is a combination of Aero Mint and Oreo! One sip and you won’t stop! But we have more…. How about… Maltesers and Salted caramel? Kinder Bueno and Ferrero Rocher? Just take my money I want one of each!

  1. Sharing Platter

Summer is all about BBQs and hanging out with friends and family, local parks fill up with picnic blankets and footballs and our sharing platter is perfect for it! 

Let’s face it, if you show up with one of our sharing platters you are the picnic hero, the best friend, the saviour of the midday bbq. Choose two flavours to top your 8 waffle slices, dip till your heart’s content with the pots of fresh fruit and three chocolate pots, and no sharing platter would be complete without mini pancakes. Whatever their taste this sharing platter has something for everyone and any occasion. Be the hero, do the right thing and bring this to your next event!

Sharing Platter

Sharing Platter

  1. Hot Chocolate 

As optimistic as I love to be, we are still in England and our weather has a habit of throwing in the towel just when things start to get good. So for when the rain pours, and the wind rattles the windows we have a lovely hot chocolate to warm you right back up. We even have signature blends to choose from such as our cookies and cream hot chocolate, hazelnut, salted caramel and white chocolate. 

Cookies and Cream Hot Chococlate

Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate