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7 amazing places to take your Mum this Mothers day!

POSTED ON: 12th March 2020

Give your Mum the gift of time this Mothers day and ditch the crappy box of chocolate and a soppy card! We’re giving you 7 amazing ideas for the most epic Mothers day treat ever! 


Murder Mystery Escape Room! 

If your Mums anything like my Mum shes a total murder mystery buff! Pull her away from the day time crime shows and put her detective skills to the test with an escape room!! This cool interactive challenge is a great way to have fun and play pretend for the day!  

If the whole ‘Murder Mystery’ is not your thing! Escape rooms are everywhere with tons of different themes! From ‘Virus Outbreak!’ (Bit on the nose!) to Sherlock Holmes. 


A Cooking Class for two!

Not a fan of sitting in a restaurant and waiting for your food? Get involved!! Why not book a private cooking class where an experienced chef will enhance your skills and get a freshly prepared meal!! 

Join the party with a cooking class! Group cooking classes can be tons of fun and a great way to socialise! 

There’s never too many cooks in the kitchen! 


Movie Night in!

Is your mum more of an introvert? Then ditch the day out idea and bring the movies to her!! Create a cosy space, maybe light a few candles… A new set of matching PJs, her favourite DVDs and you’ve got yourself a perfect cosy day in!! 


Tarot Card Reading.

Now here’s a super kooky one for you! Give your mum the gift of insight this year, tarot readings are a spiritual way to connect with your mum. Perhaps the chance to speak to her mother or grandmother, share memories and reminisce with your Mum on mothers day!   


Spa day or a weekend away!

Now I know this one goes without saying… But you really can’t go wrong with a spa weekend! 


Karaoke Night. 

Now let down your hair and put on your glad rags for night you probably won’t remember in the morning! Bring out her wild side and let loose with a night on the town. Finish with a grammy worthy performance I’m sure!


Afternoon Tea.

Last but not least! What every mother dreams of… sweet treats surrounded by the people she loves! How Downton Abbey! – Afternoon teas are a dime a dozen but if you really want to treat mum, Little Dessert Shop has a fantastic customisable Afternoon Tea! 

Scrap the bland finger sandwiches and try Mini pancakes and waffles!! Complete with dipping chocolate and other sweet treats! 


Little Dessert Shops Afternoon Tea is the best of both worlds with delicious and unique savoury menu as part of the tea! And here’s the best part! Bottomless Tea and Coffee!! I think we have a winner!! 


No matter where you choose to take your Mum, this Mothers Days, end the day with a Little Dessert Shop Afternoon Tea experience!