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7 Reasons To Grab a TakeOut

POSTED ON: 31st May 2018

1. Lazy Times

For the times you want to hibernate from the rest of world with a tasty companion, Little Dessert Shop is the place to grab a sweet fix, drive away & hide indoors. The dessert is all yours, there’s no sharing intended & every bite is utterly irresistible.

2. Party

Invite the whole party round for a dessert catch up & roll in the orders. Bickering is expected to crop up about a conversational topic on desserts –   “I want an Endless Temptation Waffle with Bueno Delight gelato instead of Cookies & cream gelato,” “Can everyone just decide what they’re having so I can make a move.”

Order for collection at your local Little Dessert Shop & create your own dessert, the LDS team will take you through the steps – it’s simply this easy.

You have arrived at your sweet hotspot, the desserts are packaged & an LDS staff member hands over your chosen creations. Time to head back to your crib & get that party started. The music’s on dropping the hits & your guests are ravenous.

“Who ordered the White Choc Chip Cookie Dough’ ‘Me, hands off Jay that’s mine”.

Speech – “I’d just like to thank everyone for coming now let’s eat & party.”

3. Duvet Day

Snuggle into bed & relax, Little Dessert Shop has put you into a trance. You’re daydreaming for desserts and served endless samples of new creations in a cosy universe that feels like a reality.

You’ve woken up & unfortunately the dream is over but you remember tasting a piece of heaven & Little Dessert Shop allures your senses. Hmm! Should you order online for collection or visit the store straight away? The decision is up to you but don’t tease your taste buds for too long.

4. Live Sports

“5 seconds till finish, Harrison is about to approach the goal… And he scores! 2-1 to Waffles United, commiserations to Shakes United” “And the champions are Waffles United”. Watch a live sports game come to life with a takeout creation ready to kick off a round of flavours.

5. Movie Night

Family night means movie night, the snacks are in the bowl; crisps, sweets and the usual. Why don’t you switch it up a little – what’s your genre? ‘“Well that’s a no brainer, it’s dessert”.

Desserts are ordered, the movie is selected, just waiting on Dad to collect it. 

Finally the desserts arrive. “Please ensure mobile phones are off & desserts are ready to eat. Thank you & enjoy!”

“Shush the movies about to start”

6. Date Night

A candlelit dinner for two; there’s no interruptions apart from dessert to finish the course.

“What’s for pudding sweetie?” “Well it’s definitely a treat & it’s just around the corner,” “Little Dessert Shop”…

7. Sleepover

Gossip, banter & last nights antics have been digested apart from dessert! That doesn’t sound like a weekend sleepover, desserts are a must have. Truth or dare? Little Dessert Shop dares you to slip on your shoes & grab a takeout.   


Discover the nation’s favourite Little Dessert Shop for a luxury TakeOut.

By Savannah – Creative Team Member