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Bursting the flavours with Summer Ice Blends

POSTED ON: 09th August 2018

Summers feeling hot and Little Dessert Shop are chilled with the new Summer Ice Blends. This season it’s all about staying cool and refreshed with sorbet smoothies bursting with flavour.

The Summer Ice Blends are created with dairy free sorbet suitable for vegans. Even if you’re a dairy lover these smoothies are Summers treat to all things sweet. As you probably know Little Dessert Shop are famously known for launching new creations. These new additions are available until the 31st August 2018. If you want to experience the best of this month try the limited range of beverages at your local store of indulgence. Finish a day at the office or start your day off feeling revitalised in the holidays.

What’s on the menu?

There are two fruit flavoured Summer Ice Blends; Lemon Refresher and Apple Coolwave. Little Dessert Shop can’t escape chocolate creations so the Cocoa Indulgence forms the trio.

Apple Coolwave – A fresh Apple concoction bursting with fruity flavours.

Cocoa Indulgence – A chocolate enthused cooler packed with revivin cocoa.

Lemon Refresher – A cool and refreshing smoothie exploding with a zingy citrus lemon tang. Lemon  

Keep it social this Summer

Calling all social media Kings & Queens. LDS want to know your favourite Summer Ice Blend.  Comment with your flavour or send a pic on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat at Littledessertsh!