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Can I tempt you with a slice of Diwali Delight?

POSTED ON: 01st November 2018

This month it’s time to discover the first Diwali inspired cheesecake at Little Dessert Shop!

Diwali marks the traditional festival of lights commencing November 7th 2018.

With the recent launch of the LDS Bakery, a new line of cheesecakes have been freshly baked and handcrafted for all the stores.

Lunch time… Food time…

Before the official release I had the honour of eating my way through an entire slice of Diwali Delight cheesecake. How can I say no to heaven on a plate.

Diwali Delight – Taste the magic

It’s an indulgent Asian sweet cheesecake crammed with the sweetest Gulab Jamun.

If you love pistachios as much as I love pistachio and ice cream, (guilty pleasure revealed) you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Nutty, crunchy and delightful – How’s about taking a bite into pistachio pieces finely garnished on top of a cheesecake accompanied by the vibrant orange Jalebi sweets bursting with mouth watering flavours. The creamy texture is smooth, light and very addictive, exploding with the delicious taste of Gulab Jamun and biscuit crumbles. This new cheesecake is served with a refreshing scoop of cool Vanilla gelato to completely satisfy your tastebuds. If your tooth is extra sweet like mine, this scrumptious recipe will put a smile on your face. It’s definitely a dessert to try!

Don’t miss the bite  

Now that you’re weak at the knees with this invention, enjoy every last crumb while it lasts! In store from the 1st – 30th November 2018 for a limited time only.

Terms and condition apply: Limited Edition creation available in store only. Management reserve the right to remove promotion at any time.

By Savannah – Creative Team Member