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Calling all Chocolate Lovers!

POSTED ON: 15th May 2019

I had the chance to demolish Little Dessert Shops all new Chocolate Temptations menu & they were truly awesome.

Following the great success of the easter egg shake, Little Dessert Shop flair in creating new & exciting products is truly continuing.

The flair of the artisan chefs always deliver to give a customer experience like no other.

Each of the 3 chocolate based products has its own unique aroma & ever since tasting each one, I have been dreaming of them ever since.

Chocolate Brownie Waffle

Ohhh the smell of chocolate tingles your senses from the moment that fresh waffles hits the table. The chocolate aroma fills the store … hmmm delicious.

This masterpiece is topped with baked brownie chunks, fresh chopped strawberries & then drenched in delicious Belgian milk chocolate.

Topped proudly with a scoop of heavenly Vanilla gelato that sits in the centre of the waffle delicacy.

The rich chocolate taste of each mouthful & the cool refreshing taste of Vanilla sends me into a chocoholics dream.

A truly indulgent product.

Chocolate Heaven

America never seemed so close with the new chocolate pancake stack.

Four thick American inspired chocolate pancakes stacked covered with Belgian milk chocolate & chopped strawberries.

I can safely say, there goes my diet!

Each pancake is warm, soft & fluffy, leaving you cutting in for the next slice, before you have even finished that first bite!

The sweetness from the strawberries definitely compliments the rich chocolate that is partnered with the refreshing Vanilla gelato – adds a palate cleanser between each heavenly bite.

Chocolate Fantasy

Finally, the daddy of the desserts, the temptress of the temple, the diamond in the rough, the new double chocolate brownie waffle stack.

That’s right, two waffles stacked with all the trimmings.

This dessert is perfect for sharing, for a challenge, or simply just for those Instagram likes.

A truly memorable creation of two chocolate waffles sandwiched with Belgian milk chocolate & topped with brownie chunks, fresh strawberries & drizzled with even more Belgian milk chocolate. Finally crowned with two scoops of Vanilla gelato.

The Chocolate Temptations menu is unique to Little Dessert Shop, these limited edition products are subject to availability & available only until 30th June 2019.

Grab a chocolate pleasure seeker & head down to your local store today!

By Katherine Hemmings