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Gelato Season Is Here!

POSTED ON: 09th July 2019

It’s Summer and the Little Dessert Shop is introducing 3 new gelato flavours to enjoy in the heatwave. Whether you like your gelato scooped, blended into a cool milkshake or topped on your pancake stack these new flavours are perfect for the whole family. 


Popping Purple 

Our Popping Purple gelato is poptastic and every sip of the new milkshake or spoon of the new gelato you will feel the popping candy explode! Its purple colour is bright and eye-catching and creamy flavour makes it perfect for children and adults alike! 

Lemon Meringue 

The crisp new Lemon Meringue gelato is perfect for summer indulging. Its tangy lemon taste is complemented by the sweet crunch of the meringue balls mixed inside. Add it to your favourite waffle or create your own lemon sundae. 

Caramel Cookie Crunch 

This gelato shares many similarities to the popular Lotus biscuit with its dark caramel taste and cookie crunch bits. This new flavour as been expertly paired with the new pancake stack which comes drizzled in salted caramel sauce and Lotus crumbs. 


Which will be your new favourite flavour?