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Halloween menu soon to be unleashed!..

POSTED ON: 11th October 2017

Halloween creations are soon upon us all. On the 31st of October 1817 a spell had been casted on the future of the Little Dessert Shop World, where all things sweet would become terrifyingly tasty. A century later on the 31st October 1917, the curse grew sweeter and sweeter  – by this date the Little Dessert Shop Universe was spellbound to unleash potions, drizzles and sweet poisons so powerful it would strike early….


From the 16th of October the clocks shall strike 12 midnight and the ghostly and mouth-craving ingredients are to rise from the sweet unknown. Little Dessert Shop creators have been summoned to serve up haunted and crafty Halloween desserts. Your best nightmare is going to be spine-chilling, thrilling with explosive trick or treat desires!


Be sweetly warned: Walking through the dark crisp nights, the silence creep with no peep, the brisk of no air all but a creaky park swing slowly sways, as there’s superstition the immortal preys. You hear a strike of thunder and look back and forth and suddenly as you stop, your senses are hit with sweet temptations of horrific creations.


Halloween desserts are available at Little Dessert Shop from the 16th – 31st October 2017… (Limited time only)


By Savannah – Creative team member