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Have you heard the latest? – Desserts & Savoury!

POSTED ON: 10th April 2019

Wholemeal waffles and pancakes, crispy puffed croissants and crepes are on the new savoury menu.

You may be thinking Little Dessert Shop are a bit too spontaneous, but thinking outside the box is like second nature. The 3 year old business have taken their creations to a whole new level of food with a fantastic range of delicious savoury dishes that’s simply too good to pass on.

Little Dessert Shop have been teasing about a new savoury menu for some time and now it’s here!

Don’t worry, we can confirm desserts are staying on the menu and they won’t be trading as the ‘Little Savoury Shop’ anytime soon.

In Summer 2018, the production team we’re exploring exotic flavours inspired from America, Italy and France and decided this time to take a step away from cakes and bakes.

The new Little Dessert Shop in Trowbridge being one of the first stores to explore the range stated “Our customers are enjoying the selection of savoury choices we have to offer as well the desserts. We we’re quite excited to launch the menu in our new establishment.”

Your Journey Awaits… Discover the new menu to dine in or takeaway


Care for some brunch or evening lunch? The reveal of ‘Your Journey Awaits’ showcases a range of signature creations, new desserts and of course the new savoury collection. At the beginning of the menu you’ll be greeted by your favourite sweet treats. Here’s the twist – Flip the menu over to discover the savoury cuisine. Little Dessert Shop are now implementing the menu across all store locations for the whole community to try. The menu has a variety of meat options and vegetarian options for customers to choose from.

Here are some savoury options you may want try!

Chicking Waffle

You’ve heard of fried chicken and waffles well now you have The new Chicking waffle – Chicken Tikka, sweet chilli sauce, hummus, seasonal salad and avocado.  


Chicking waffles - Little Dessert Shop

Breakfast Salad Crepe

A satisfying Breakfast salad crepe to start your day the Little Dessert Shop way. Avocado, spinach leaves, egg and seasonal salad.


Breakfast-Salad-Crepe-Little Dessert Shop


Smoked Salmon Stack

Smoked salmon & eggs set on a fulfilling pancake stack topped with seasonal salad!


Smoked-Salmon-Stack - Little Dessert Shop



Chicken Bacon Croissant

Chicken bacon rashers, accompanied by egg and baked beans, rather something different than traditional.

Chicken Bacon Croissant- Little Dessert Shop



What are your thoughts on the new menu?

By Savannah – Creative Team Member