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How to Claim Complimentary Desserts?

POSTED ON: 11th September 2018


Did you know desserts are even more rewarding at Little Dessert Shop?

Before I begin we need to establish are you a dessert now and again person or a sweet tooth dessert lover? In fact, in all honesty it simply doesn’t matter because when you spend £3.95 or more you can receive a reward card free of charge in store.

Reward Card process…

A bit like earning stickers when you’re good but with desserts instead! A staff member will place a shining gold sticker on your reward card when you present it at the time of ordering in store.

There are 9 stickers to collect and 3 delicious rewards in total.

Stickers breakdown:

  • Earn 3 stickers for a complimentary Tea or Coffee
  • Earn 6 stickers to devour a scoop of Ice Cream with a Cone (Excludes toppings)
  • Earn 9 stickers to indulge in your favourite Waffle from the menu. (Excludes 50/Fifty Waffle)


You can only claim one free dessert when you earn the required amount and a member of staff will cross out the complimentary offer using a black marker pen. When you’ve happily consumed all 3 rewards, just start the process again with another Reward card. Going round in sweet circles is very fulfilling!  

Save your reward card for a rainy day or if you don’t fancy teasing your taste buds find your nearest Little Dessert Shop.

Terms and Condition apply:

Read through section E for full terms and conditions


By Savannah – Creative Team Member