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Jammy Cheesecake is a little taste of nostalgia

POSTED ON: 03rd May 2019


Who doesn’t love a little bit of nostalgia and Jammy Dodgers always take me straight back to my childhood. Ripping apart the crunchy biscuits to dig into the sticky jam and then filling my mouth with as many of the bad boys I could get a hold of before my siblings found out my mom had brought more home from the shops. So when I heard the world famous Little Dessert Shop latest creation had infused their signature cheesecakes with the little circles of joy I had to go try it.


It’s a perk of the job that I get to see and sample most products before they go out but due to the limited stock and the hype of the exclusivity, the brand wanted to create I wasn’t actually allowed! Disgraceful I know! Instead, I had to wait very impatiently, drooling every day as I saw the graphics for the product get edited and even direct the photoshoot, it was frankly cruel.


But the day has finally come and I ventured into the Wolverhampton Little Dessert Shop, the closest store in my hometown and the flagship first store to try it. I didn’t even need to be handed a menu and turned it away and simply walked straight back up to the counter and ordered my long awaited treat.


Not before long the waitress came over, plate in hand, here it was, the cheesecake of my dreams, the cheesecake of my childhood and once again, no way was I going to share it.

Jammy Cheesecake

Jammy Cheesecake

The texture was exactly what you expect from the Little Dessert Shop, soft and very creamy but this time the cheesecake was infused with this delightful jammy biscuit. Chunks were still visible and as I eat it the jam really came across strong from the infusion and the jammy sticky topping. Perfection.

It came partnered with some of their signature Vanilla gelato which I nearly forgot about I was that lost in flavours of the cheesecake but it accompanies it perfectly, the sweet and tanginess excited my taste buds and left me drooling for another bite.

I asked for a cup of tea to make the whole experience as British as it comes.

I was defeated. My eyes are always bigger than my belly at this establishment and I took the rest away with me to enjoy later on that evening, because who even can actually save desserts for another day?


The cheesecake itself is extremely limited edition so if you want to experience heaven on earth I suggest running to your local store or phoning them up to make sure they still have it in stock.


What flavour or product would you like the see the Little Dessert Shop infuse into their next cheesecake?