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Limited edition Mermaid Gelato has the crowd going crazy

POSTED ON: 16th February 2018

Little Dessert Shop are releasing limited edition desserts every month of the year. In January 2018 Wily Wonker creations went down a guzzle of treats. This season the mystery of two new product launches have been revealed – Mermaid Gelato and Bundles of Love.

Competitions inspired by the new creations have been launched on social media. The engagement rate has been outstanding!

News alert! A mermaid themed competition is coming soon on LDS Facebook pages!

Mermaid Gelato is one of a kind – It’s simply #OriginalOrNothing

Imagination really does become a reality with new and inventive creations. Mermaid Gelato is one of the current trend setters this February till March 31st 2018.

The tropical flavours and colours are attracting customers with a giant sweet tooth. What’s Mermaid Gelato without a shimmering white chocolate tail? The art is in the Mermaid tail –  designed with a detailed patterned fin and glittery green coating, to create a magical themed dessert.

Discover a Tropical fruit flavoured magical Mermaid Gelato scoop, delicately topped with a shimmering chocolate mermaid tail.

Tropical options:

Mermaid Gelato scoop

Mermaid Gelato cone

Mermaid Gelato create your own


Regional store Manager Roman, asked a few customers what they thought of Mermaid Gelato!

“I really like the fruity flavour it’s refreshing definitely one of my new favourites”

“The colours are immense”

“Even with the smallest sample the taste is amazing”

“I chose my own creation, a waffle with drizzles of white chocolate sauce and Mermaid Geleto – I absolutely love it”