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Match made in heaven!

POSTED ON: 17th July 2019

At Little Dessert Shop we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with The Franchise Company to work with us on the development of the Little Dessert Shop franchise model. The Franchise Company is a British Franchise Association affiliated franchise consultancy business that helps existing small business move into franchise models, giving them scope for growth and expansion in a format that makes sense for them.

When we decided that we needed to expand our business and bring our retail offer to a wider customer base, we believed that developing a franchise model was a great opportunity for us. With very low rates of failure and the vast majority of franchises reporting a profit, it really made sense for us to look into franchising as an option for growth.

The Franchise Company is one of the longest established franchise consultancies in the country, and their friendly, expert consultants have a wealth of experience helping businesses like us grow and expand their operations, so we knew we were in good hands when it came to franchising our business.

Julie Waites was our lead consultant and she really took time to understand our business and work out what was important to us and help us consider various options for structuring our franchise model. This meant that when it came to franchising our business, it still felt like the same company and the same brand, just with more opportunities for growth. We were also confident that Julie understood all the unique challenges of the industry and made sure we were well placed to combat them as part of a franchise model that was tailored specifically to us and had longevity built into the model right

Julie was our personal consultant throughout the process from our very first meeting to the end of the franchising process, so we really built up a relationship and she developed an in-depth understanding of what we wanted to do. This also meant that whenever we had any questions, queries or concerns, we knew exactly who to speak to and were able to contact her directly, which made the whole process so easy and stress-free for us.

The Franchise Company helped us assess our options for growth and decide that franchising was the right move for us. They wrote and put together our documentation, including franchise agreements, operations manuals and marketing materials and also helped us to recruit our first franchisees, so we used their knowledge and experience to start us off on the right foot as a franchised business.

We’re thrilled with the work The Franchise Company have done for us, and our business is going from strength to strength with our franchise model.