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New year same you – How to avoid January diet culture.

POSTED ON: 14th January 2020

Are your new year resolutions your own… Or have you bought into Januarys spike in toxic diet culture?


Stay woke dessert fans… Stay woke!


Undoubtedly your social media feeds are cluttered with toxic trending diet fads. The booming 72 billion pound diet and “wellness” business reaches its peak in the early months of the year.


Targetting a young and impressionable audience with celebrity endorsements promoting a series of harmful and misleading products.


We are here to help you on your way to creating a healthy relationship food! Qualified nutritionist Laura Thomson recently wrote an article for intuitive eating’ over ‘clean eating’ for the BBC.


Laura sees clients on a one to one basis and told BBC News NI… “A lot of them were eating the right sorts of foods like avocado and salmon and all that, but their relationship with food was in tatters.”


Thomson goes on to touch upon a client who used veganism to hide her eating disorder, and dieters taking ‘clean eating’ to the extremes. Ms Thomas received her PhD in nutritional sciences from Texas A&M University, advises to take intuitive eating over clean eating to better your relationship with food.


But what is ‘intuitive eating’?


Intuitive eating is an anti-diet that encourages people not to base food choice on diet plans or health-food trends. Rebelling against the likes of products with body-shaming titles such as ‘flat tummy tea’ and ‘skinny tea’.

It follows principles such as:

  • Enjoying your food
  • Eating when you’re hungry
  • Letting go of food rules
  • Not seeing foods as good or bad
  • Not tracking meals and exercise through apps or fitness trackers

We here at Little Dessert Shop couldn’t agree more!


Keep your mind clear of diet trends and remember that there are no food rules! You CAN have your cake and eat it too.


Stand up to diet culture and share your balanced and healthy lifestyle! Don’t walk past the little dessert shop in despair, free yourself from mental restraints and enjoy dessert as part of your new and improved healthy relationship with food!


Written by Simran Mall