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Special delivery – Lotus Biscoff® Cheesecake has arrived

POSTED ON: 31st August 2018

September has a special delivery just for you; a sticky caramel biscuit cheesecake combining ingredients that will definitely hit the sweet spot. Handmade Lotus Biscoff® & caramel cheesecakes have been handcrafted in the LDS Bakery and delivered to the stores. This cheesecake recipe is exclusive to Little Dessert Shop, the only place you can experience a delicious masterpiece!

Dining in and Takeouts

A sneak peak coming soon post promoted in mid August struck up the conversation on social media, as the eager followers waited impatiently for the launch of the new dessert. It’s now safe to say it’s officially available in store to completely devour. If one slice of this special cheesecake with gelato is too tempting for one serving, the promotion is running all the way through September. It’s only been day one of the launch and the Lotus Biscoff® cheesecake has already taken fame to whole new level of desserts.

Taste the crisp of Autumn on the tip of your taste buds. A Lotus Biscoff biscuit layered cheesecake, topped with drizzles of sticky caramel sauce & delicate broken pieces of Lotus Biscoff biscuit. Served with a scoop of heavenly Vanilla gelato.

Experience the journey of each bite

Scoop up the latest creation! It begins with a flavoursome lotus biscuit crunch followed by the velvety cream cheese to balance out the extravagant cheesecake. Be prepared for swirls of gooey caramel sauce, lotus biscuit pieces and a scoop of refreshing Vanilla gelato exploding with unique & traditional richness.

Cheesecake creation – Obsessed or Reserved?

Some dessert lovers crave and demolish new creations as soon as it’s launched. Reserved dessert fans stick to their classic variety of favourites. But if you have no control over your sweet tooth addiction, Lotus Biscoff® Cheesecake is ready to be enjoyed.

Social media cheesecake Trend

Tag #LotusBiscoffCheesecake to trend the new creation on Instagram and Twitter with a pic of your first slice. The social media team will repost and retweet the best ones.

Discover a Lotus Biscoff® & caramel Cheesecake only available at Little Dessert Shop!

Terms and conditions apply – Limited edition creation

Terms and conditions apply: Limited edition creation subject to availability. Expires on 30th September 2018. Products may be withdrawn at anytime. Images for visual purposes only & flavours may change.

By Savannah

Creative Team Member