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The ‘Dessert course’ is the new ‘Main course’!

POSTED ON: 21st January 2020

Gone are the days of cleaning off your dinner plate before even thinking about the dessert course!


Millennials are ditching savoury dishes and going straight to dessert!


The dessert trade is a massive global enterprise as well as a growing epidemic here in the UK and its all thanks to Gen Y! 


Yes that’s right… Were grown now! 


In 2020, dessert shops are a dime a dozen, which means millennials can find dessert for dinner as easy as pie! 


But just because they’re everywhere doesn’t mean that every dessert shop is the same! 


Pop up dessert parlours in blinding bright colours are a dime a dozen; but if you’re skipping dinner for dessert… You should probably make sure you are sampling the best of the best! 


Little Dessert Shop proudly uses the hashtag #OriginalorNothing… And there’s only one thing millennials love more than hashtags… Desserts! And no one does desserts like Little Dessert Shop! 


And what sets Little Dessert Shop apart from other dessert shops? 


Little Dessert Shop was one of the first dessert shops to open in the UK and has skyrocketed to now have twenty stores across the nation with three more opening in the near future! Little Dessert Shop’s famous dessert creations are handcrafted within their very own bakery! 


So it is not too hard to understand why millennials are so eager to rush over they forget to eat dinner!


But why do Millenials prefer dessert? 


Well it is a sweet and simple fact! Millennials love great tasting Instagrammable food! And Little Dessert Shop definitely fits the bill! 


‘The Hershey co’  went so far as to say Millennials and Gen Z consumers are “dessert obsessed,” adding that they rank dessert as a top consideration when deciding where to eat and the data certainly backs that up! 


According to ‘Candy Industry’, 87% of Millenials admit to thinking about eating dessert at least once a day! The Hershey co say young consumers respond to ads, sharing and “liking” desserts through multiple platforms. Adding that 46% of Gen Z consumers have a picture of a dessert on their phone right now! 


So if you’re a millennial who LOVES desserts! Ditch the shame and the main course because you’re not alone! 


Grab some amazing content for your socials whilst savouring what your heart truly desires at Little Dessert Shop!