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This is just the Veganning! – Little Dessert Shop set to launch Vegan Menu!

POSTED ON: 02nd January 2020

Little Dessert Shop keeps the meat-free ball rolling with an all-new Vegan menu launching this spring! 


Major fast-food brands jump on the Vegan lifestyle bandwagon and Little Dessert Shop is inspired! 


We hear you meat-free diners and we have something special for you plant-based dessert lovers this new year! Little Dessert Shop are working hard behind the scenes to create an indulgent plant-based Vegan menu set to launch Spring 2020! 


We vow to not only create delicious options for dessert classics but bring unique and creative desserts for the vegan foodies to savour! 


Vegan alternative fruit salads and sloppy sorbets are a thing of the past! Have your (vegan) cake and eat it too! 


Little Dessert Shop steps into the light with the amazing options to transform dessert classics to suit a plant-based lifestyle and guess what… They’re just as delicious!! 


With 7% of the UK’s population being vegan and this number growing every day! Little Dessert Shop appreciates our ever-evolving world and hopes to create indulgent options that include everyone! 


Although mainstream restaurants are popping up with vegan menus everywhere, vegan desserts are often overlooked and seem to be limited everywhere! 


Little Dessert Shop, inspired by Veganuary and the amazing benefits of a plant-based lifestyle is working tirelessly with our specially trained bakers to create the most ethically indulgent and incredibly delicious vegan dessert menu! 


To quote Marie Antoinette famously said… ‘Let them eat cake!’  

Written by Simran Mall.