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Treating myself to Mint Aero Oreo Cake

POSTED ON: 25th May 2018

By Savannah – Creative Team Member

I’m pretty certain you all know Little Dessert Shop have introduced yet another trend setter, ‘Mint Aero Oreo Cake’ – it’s taken over on Instagram, it’s pinging your mobile notifications and exploding with temptations on Facebook. It’s simply causing a sweet riot and I’m happy to be involved!

Leave work for another day…

Collaborating ideas for this month’s promotion is very delightful but I am quite aware there needs to be balance of work and dessert, so I decided to take a trip to one the recently opened stores, Little Dessert Shop Sutton Coldfield. The interior is very chic and modern, any would think I was attached to the place, it’s almost too comfortable!

Working for Little Dessert Shop has given me every excuse to explore and taste new creations. I really enjoy working on creative projects, however It’s nice to take a break from my busy schedule, after all everyone deserves the occasional treat.

Mint Aero Oreo Cake!

Let’s just start off by saying how awesome this cake sounds. ‘It’s new, inventive and soooo tasty’. Whenever I go to Little Dessert Shop I always feel spoilt choice looking through the endless amount creations in the Book of Little Dessert Shop. My eyes do all the talking almost as if I’m in a trance.

The taste and beyond…

There are two flavours in one cake; a refreshing flavour of Mint Aero cream and Mint and Oreo sponge enthused with Mint Aero chocolate and Oreo biscuits. Describing this cake would be a doddle if ‘Mintiness and Oreoliscious’ we’re adjectives in the dictionary. You may want to prepare yourselves for the ultimate cake combo – I was literally in for a real kick when the exotic chocolate cake exploded in my mouth. It’s like having the best of both worlds in a slice of cake.

Ice cream always compliments cake, who agrees? A traditional scoop of Vanilla Ice cream is served with the Mint Aero Oreo cake! I’ll keep my previous favourite a secret for now, but this cake is actually my new number one. I will reveal that if I’ve put you in the mood for cake, this promotion is running for a limited time only!

Where to buy the new limited edition cake…

Mint Aero Oreo Cake is available in store so whether you want to relax and dine in at Little Dessert Shop or takeout this new creation it’s entirely yours. If you feel like hosting a party or chilling out in your lounge you can even order online for collection from selected stores or opt for delivery from Wednesfield Little Dessert Shop. (Visit the terms and conditions page for collection and delivery information).