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Twixx®Cheesecake – That’s what celebrations are for!

POSTED ON: 09th August 2018

Little Dessert Shop had a creation in mind, garnished with broken Twix® dreams!   

Twix® cheesecake speaks louder than words and taste greater than cake…

A caramelised Twix® flavoured cheesecake set on a crisp biscuit base layered with a smooth chocolate coating. Finished with a lavishing of Twix® chocolate pieces & crumbles. Served with Vanilla ice cream.  

This season has baked and handcrafted a celebration using Twix® as the key ingredient to strike your taste buds alive. The bakery has recently opened to dish the dessert. Twix® cheesecake is available for a limited time only, so if you’re not ready to leave the party indulge in a piece of luxury exploding with caramel, crunchiness and biscuit.

Dine in or takeout…

Let everyone in the group chat know Little Dessert Shop has the Twix® Cheesecake in store. Sit comfortably and enjoy it while it lasts or order for takeout to join the party in style.

Terms and conditions apply: Limited Edition Summer Creations subject to availability. Expires on 31st August 2018. Products may be withdrawn at anytime. Images for visual purposes only & flavours may change.