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We finally open the doors – Hello Telford Little Dessert Shop

POSTED ON: 15th September 2017

It’s great to say Telford Little Dessert Shop has finally opened the doors to a queue of eager customers who we’d like to thank for their patience. From the responses we received we can positively say it was well worth the wait.

Heading down to the new Little Dessert Shop addition with the creative team…

Monday afternoon was a real delight as queues wrapped around the Hazeldine House in Telford Central Square. We captured some memorable moments – “shoutout to our photographer Bailey Sims” for detailing the ambience, excited and happy customers and the passion to create and serve desserts.


What did our customer have to say…

After speaking with those waiting in the queue, some diners had travelled from locations such as Wolverhampton, Walsall and Coventry to venture out to Telford Little Dessert Shop and to explore the tastes of desserts created by the artisan team members.

The store’s wonderful and classy surroundings….

Made me feel like royalty in a palace. With gold hanging chains swept from the ceiling to floor, comfortable seating with a red padded feature area, chandeliers and booths; perfect for a; family reunion, birthday celebration, social meeting or special occasion.


Who are we to turn down dessert

It was time for the creative team to join in with the dessert craze! Thank you to the artisan staff members – the Unicorn gelato wafer basket ‘courtesy of the create your own option’ was immensely delicious. The new unicorn gelato is available at the Little Dessert Shop for a limited time only… very happy I gave it try!


By Savannah – Creative team member

An experience like no other at Telford Little Dessert Shop accommodating 60+ customers for takeout, collection or a dining in experience.