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What’s new? Bugzy vs Daffi Limited Creation

POSTED ON: 05th September 2017

Introducing the famous cartoon characters everyone knows and loves. Bugzy vs Daffi Kids Creation, now available at Little Dessert Shop. What’s up doc? Mine mine … the ice cream is all mine!..

These limited edition novelty cups with scoops of your favourite ice cream is the crowds most wanted creation, it’s not just for the kids! Choose your ice cream scoop and toppings of sweet drizzled sauce for a cup of universal pictures, starring the ‘Bunny and the Duck’.

Will it be Bugzy or Daffi? You decide!

Guess what? You even get to keep the cup…   

‘I want, I want!’

What makes it even harder is choosing between Bugzy or Daffi! You might be a fan of both but which iconic character is the one for you? Being indecisive isn’t any option… the kid craze has only just begun and it hasn’t even ended yet.

Let’s have some Loon-ey fun…

Bugzy and Daffi are the ‘in kids collectables’; loose change, colouring crayons, miniature toys and bits and bobs can all be stored in one place – tidy and accessible! Fun and games are endless with the imagination of kids – Bringing the characters to life and having a looney-tune adventure puts Bugzy and Daffi into live cartoon-action for episodes of pleasure.

Novelty cups are in store now for £3.95 but not for long – we have to admit you’ll be in for treat at Little Dessert Shop. It really is dessert action you don’t want to miss!

Bugzy vs Daffi at the Little Dessert Shop

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By Savannah – Creative team member