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Why Desserts are part of Retail Therapy?

POSTED ON: 03rd January 2018
Shopping consists of walking up down the aisles, dodging busy crowds, trying on something cute, taking selfies, catching your step on and off the escalator and buying your necessities and desirables…
What’s in between hectic, sometimes chilled and missioning outings?

Defeated by shopping

Your belly is rumbling, your feet are aching, and your hefty shopping bags are weighing you down.  You come across ‘Little Dessert Shop’ and can’t resist buying a waffle and shake because after all that chaos you deserve a treat.

Clocks are right on time but not the transport

The bus is running late so why not stop off for a takeaway. Hmm! Perhaps a Sundae with toppings of all the sweet stuff; chocolate, drizzles of sauces, 100s & 1000s & a wafer curl.

Shopping success

You’ve just bought a pair of shoes to match your outfit what a result to end a perfect shopping trip. Now it’s time to meet your mates for a dessert and an endless conversation of how busy the day has been.

Early bird catches the dessert

Whilst escaping the rush hour of hungry people, Little Dessert Shop’s doors are reaching out to you – The capital location for mouth-watering creations are here!

No sizes available. Sorry not in stock.

Today just isn’t your shopping day, you can’t seem to find the items you want, you’ve been into a dozen shops with the same old answer ‘unfortunately we are out of stock’… what a wasted trip! Hang on, you haven’t been to Little Dessert Shop yet, the desserts are here to comfort you through your not so productive day.

Safe sweets Vs. Brave desserts

Burger and chips was yummy but your stomach isn’t satisfied. Will it be a standard chocolate muffin and coffee at your usual? Or… Do you feel adventurous to devour a tantalising crepe with a side of red velvet gelato and a refreshing latte?
So now you know why desserts are part of retail therapy, enjoy a piece heaven at Little Dessert Shop for a dining in or take away experience.

Since it’s the beginning of the month to grab bargain deals in the January sales, we’ve decided to extend your promotional offers!

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By Savannah – Creative team member