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Word Chocolate Day

POSTED ON: 05th July 2018

Friday 7th July is all about chocolate so if chocolate is mentioned quite a lot it’s simply because we love chocolate and chocolate is dessert. #chocolatelovers

Chocolate has to be one the most enjoyable treat anyone could eat. It’s sweet, smooth and even sometimes chewy with enthused flavours of nuts, fruit, biscuit and candy. – oops almost forget to say the best word ‘chocolate.’

It’s apparent Little Dessert Shop have a variety of chocolatey creations and it’s not just bars; we’re talking ice cream, brownies, sundaes, cookie dough, wafer baskets, crepes, milkshakes and cakes.

What’s your fave chocolate creation?

It’s only fair to brag about chocolate through the rest of the day, so we want to know what your favourite chocolate creations at Little Dessert Shop or even your favourite chocolate bar on Facebook and Instagram. Comment with your fave choc and tag a friend to share the chocolate gossip.

Here are few of our top selling chocolate desserts to start you off;

American Brownie

Oreo Explosion

Choc Bar Cookie Dough

Oh Fudge

Choc Blackout Tower Shake


By Savannah – Creative Team Member