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World Cup creations Ready for kick off!

POSTED ON: 12th June 2018

Football is going to takeover the TV and dominate the channels. Little Dessert Shop are tagging along ready to kick off the World Cup creations for match worth exaggerating.

Time to rant and rave over the World Cup creations available in store and online. Dine in your favourite Little Dessert Shop for footy goss and desserts. Chill out with the squad and watch the World Cup live with a World class treat. Everyone’s a winner in the eyes of Little Dessert Shop!

White Kinder Bueno Strikes!

White Kinder Bueno is running this seasons Menu for the greatest match of pure delight.

Which creation will be your champion?

Little Dessert Shop - waffle, World Cup

I Will Waffle to That – bets are on the most popular

We want a rematch! Enjoy a World cup inspired creation – A waffle teamed with white Kinder Bueno pieces, drizzles of white hazelnut chocolate sauce & white choc curls. Served with bianco Bueno Gelato.

Little Dessert Shop frappe

White Frosty – strikes the flavour

World class frappe! Enjoy a World Cup inspired creation – A cool & refreshing white Kinder Bueno frappe. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, white choc curls & white Kinder Bueno pieces.

By Savannah – Creative Team Member