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Discover the nation’s favourite Little Dessert Shop stores and embark on a journey of Pure Indulgence. Little Dessert Shop has a distinctive and contemporary feel, designed to showcase our legendary dessert creations. This unique environment provides our fans, a truly memorable opportunity to enjoy their favourite sweet treats, dining in or take away.

The Little Dessert Shop is a vibrant & friendly place to be with free Wi-Fi & comfortable classy décor, offering you the finest dessert experience. Whether it’s a catch up with a friend, a birthday or a celebration, the Little Dessert Shop is the perfect place to indulge in life’s sweet moments.

An experience like no other…


Our World

Passion, expertise & elegance – just three of the quintessential qualities our dedicated, skilled artisans pursue at the award-winning Little Dessert Shop. Creating tantalising tastes, textures & experiences, hand-crafted with love, for your indulgence.

When it comes to choosing your dessert extravagance our ethos is simple. To create a unique & heavenly experience, something special, something extraordinary, sweet superiority.

Founded in 2014, independently run & family-owned, the Little Dessert Shop is the original dessert destination. Born out of a love for fine foods & in particular, the mouth-watering taste of amazingly alluring ambrosia, we wanted to take the unassuming dessert & turn it into a creative masterpiece for all to enjoy.

Our enticing menus offer an irresistible choice of cakes, crepes, waffles & cookie dough, fondue, sundaes & over forty flavours of ice cream, gelatos & sorbets. The authenticity of what we stand for is creation evolution & it is a testament to our superior innovation that so many have tried to recreate.

The Little Dessert Shop is continually evolving – crafting new creations, a ‘create your own’ portfolio, seasoned limited edition menus & the original concept of ‘indulgence delivered to your door’ with our home delivery service.

To achieve a distinct harmony, hot aromatically spiced & refreshing English teas, full-flavoured roasted coffee beans, honeyed syrups & creamy coffees, or cool delectable freshly made milkshakes, smoothies & Mocktails are available to enrich your dessert experience.

Using only the finest ingredients from as far as Italy & as local as your woodland strawberry farm. Step away from the hyper-connected world, relax, create & share a Little Dessert Shop moment.

What we’ve won.

Our Awards & Recognitions

Using our vision, creativity, innovative and entrepreneurial drive, we have propelled the Little Dessert Shop from strength to strength. Our qualities have been recognised on a national and local level.

In November 2015 the Little Dessert Shop won ‘Dessert Outlet of the Year’ at the Food Awards.  This was the first year this category had been included. The Little Dessert Shop was up against the likes of the prestigious Hotel Chocolat and numerous other dessert outlets that have been operating within the sector for much longer than the Little Dessert Shop.  This proved that Little Dessert Shop is the nation’s favourite dessert experience.

April 2016, Little Dessert Shop is the first dessert retail outlet to launch a frozen product in ASDA. Little Dessert Shop has through the investment of considerable time and money, developed a unique and distinctive cookie dough product that is enjoyed by the nation. The Milk Chocolate and Double Chocolate cookie dough range is available in 132 ASDA stores across the UK.

In May 2016, the Little Dessert Shop won ‘Young Business of the Year’ at the Express and Star’s business awards.  This award was judged by a panel from a large local business, whom were impressed by the passion for the brand and its continued success.

September 2016, Little Dessert Shop was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year at the English Asian Business Awards. The recognition from this award was on a national scale and Little Dessert Shop is proud to be in the top ten companies in England.

October 2016, Little Dessert Shop once again were honoured to be Food Award Finalist for the category of “Dessert Outlet of the Year.”

June 2017, Little Dessert Shop once again were honoured to win ‘Young Business of the Year’ at the Express and Star’s business awards.

January 2018, Little Dessert Shop won the Business start up of the year award.




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